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Product Selector - Your Prescriptions for Saving Money on CO2!

There’s a few ways to go about gaining the freedom you want from the Soda-Club and Sodastream CO2 Refill Monopoly.  These range from least expensive in cash outlay to the most expensive but most convenient.

Interested in Refilling your 110L/130L or 60L Carbonator Tanks?  The next TWO options require that you either Lease or Purchase a “Siphon” type CO2 “Donor” Tank in either a 10, 20, or 50lb capacity from a local Industrial Gas or Welding Gas supplier.  All major cities have these, just look in your Yellow Pages phone book for details.

On average, it costs less than $30 to refill a 50lb CO2 Tank, that's just $5 more than it costs to get a Sodastream CO2 Carbonator exchanged.  The difference is that a 50lb tank will give you over 24 33oz refills, at the Sodastream cost of $25 each (average), that would cost you over $600 with Sodastream as opposed to just $30 with the 50lb tank.  Obviously, CO2 prices will vary depending on your location.

CIMG0168.JPG (18073 bytes)  CO2Dapter-II™ - Click here for Specifications

CO2Dapter-II™ - This adapter is available with several different options, the most common one is the model that adapts the proprietary Soda-Club / Sodastream Valve Thread to a standard CGA-320 CO2 Tank Fitting directly on the Donor Cylinder, and you refill it yourself (as pictured).   Difficulty, easy to use but can be time consuming since you'll need to periodically unscrew the Soda-Club tank and check the weight.

Our CO2Dapter-II™ is available with optional 1/8" Female NPT Threads for assembly with your own Hoses or Fittings for the do-it-yourself customer. 

640x480021.jpg (326572 bytes)  FillStationPro-II™ - Click here for Specifications

FillStationPro-II – Same refilling purpose as option #1 except that it has a Patented Dual Valve body design which allows for a more a professional refilling method that is easily controllable, fills better, and allows you to weigh the tank being filled as you fill it so that you can verify the weight of your refills.  Difficulty, NONE, easiest to use and most cost effective long-term. 

Interested in ELIMINATING the need for Refilling Sodastream Carbonator Tanks?

Here's your Prescription... the FreedomOne+™ External CO2 Tank System!

F1-CGAWG.jpg (82103 bytes)  FreedomOne+™ - Eliminates the need for Sodastream Carbonators by allowing the user to connect their Soda Machine (any model Sodastream) directly to a standard off-the-shelf CO2 commercial CGA-320 Beverage Tank (also known as Kegerator Tanks).  These tanks are easily and inexpensively refilled at most Commercial Welding Gas suppliers.  Just install the FreedomOne+™ in your machine, route the hose with quick-disconnect to the outside of the machine, and connect the hose to the external CO2 Tank.  That's it!  You're now ready for the same fresh made soda you've come to love.

Available with standard High Pressure Hose and Commercial CO2 CGA-320 Tank Fittings, with and without CO2 Gas Gauge.  Ordering with the optional CO2 Gas Gauge will give you the ability to see just how much CO2 you have left before needing a refill.  Other hose length options available upon request and custom quotation.

Eliminate the prprietary Sodastream Tanks and enjoy $5 refills with our Beverage Grade Paintball Tanks!

F1-PBI1.jpg (118545 bytes) FreedomOne-PBI™ - Click for Specifications   Our revolutionary FreedomOne-PBI allows you to use our Beverage Grade Paintball Tanks and still maintain them internal without external hoses.   You'll enjoy $5 refills on average, still produce great soda, and keep everything neatly inside the machine.

Tired of the Anti-Refill Booby-Trap on Soda-Club / Sodastream Carbonators?  Replace the factory Valves with our FreedomValve and your refilling troubles are over, PERMANENTLY!

valve2.JPG (30053 bytes) FreedomValve™ - Click for Specifications  Our FreedomValve™ replaces the factory booby-trapped valve on Soda-Club / Sodastream Carbonators.  This is a NEW 100% Sodastream compatible replacement Valve that we designed with the refilling customer in mind.  No anti-refill booby-traps, no slow fills or interrupted fills because of their pesky valves.  100% compatible with all 60L and 110L/130L Carbonators.

Our valve is made from solid Brass and is precision CNC machined to exacting specifications.  Unlike Sodastream's valves that are NOT repairable, ours are!   We use a more durable pliable seal material that will not degrade, crack, or fail under the harsh continued use of freezing CO2 gas.  Even though we sell the rebuild kits for them, we rarely do, these valves just do not fail often and are designed for years of uninterrupted service.

NOTE: You will still need to use a thread adapter like the CO2Dapter-II™ product or the FillStationPro-II™ to refill with the FreedomValve™.  All the valve does is ELIMINATE the anti-refill trap.

Please contact us if we need to elaborate on any of these suggestions.  Again, thank you for considering our products.


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