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Our Privacy Policy


In order to uniquely identify each customer, the CO2Doctor website uses cookies. A cookie is a file that is placed on your hard drive by the web browser. Cookies do not divulge any personal information about you, they are solely used as an identifier. In the case of the CO2 Doctor site, cookies allow us to keep track of things like what is in your shopping cart and who is logged in to our Support Forum. In order to shop on our site, you must have cookies enabled.

To find out how to enable your cookies, click on your browser's HELP tab and follow those instructions on how to enable the cookies feature.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

CO2Doctor.Com is the sole owner of the information that is collected from customers on this site. We DO NOT share ANY information about you with third parties in any way.  In instances of suspected fraud, CO2Doctor.Com may share any information it collects with applicable duly authorized Law Enforcement agencies as required by law.

We use the information collected from you during the registration process (including but not limited to e-mail address, first name, last name, billing and shipping addresses) in a variety of ways to customize and optimize your shopping experience at CO2Doctor.Com.

Customer information is used to process orders, provide a personalized shopping experience for customers, send e-mail confirmations relevant to orders placed, and to monitor traffic patterns to improve our site's functionality and user-friendliness. We collect customer information with one goal in mind: Serving you to the best of our ability and fulfill your orders.  We DO NOT mass e-mail, SPAM, or tele-market with any of the information collect.  We respect your right to privacy, PERIOD.

Off-Site Links

CO2 Doctor provides a large amount of technical information which requires occasional references to external links or websites which are out of our direct control. In order to view some of this information, you may be directed to a different web site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of other websites, so please be mindful if you are traveling from our CO2 Doctor site onto another website. If you have any concern about the other site's privacy policy, we urge you to read it's privacy practices and advise us of any concerns regarding that site.

User Support Forum Registration

At the CO2 Doctor website we allow our customers to register in our User Support Forum (optional). Registration is not mandatory, but it is strongly suggested so you can view the Forum in it's full capacity and participate in it's support benefits.  All of the Technical Support areas of the Forum are limited to viewing by registered users ONLY.  Any information we receive from you in the registration process is transmitted over a secure server and kept in a secure location. You can only access your information after logging in, which is done with a user name / password combination that you've created.


At CO2Doctor.Com, we are committed to making your online shopping experience with us as successful and safe as possible. We employ the best security available on the net for transmitting your personal information.  Our Credit Card Processing is done through an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certified server with the highest grade security encryption available.

We NEVER store or share your Credit Card information since all Credit Card processing is done by SSL certified processors such as PayPal. You can see SSL is being employed by the lock icon at the bottom of your screen and the 'https' in the address bar as opposed to the 'http' that is normally there. You can also view our SSL security certificates from GeoTrust and SecurityMetrics.


Disclaimers - Terms and Conditions for Sale and Product Use

The names: Primo, Flavorstation 100, Flavorstation 500, Sparkler, Soda-Club, ALCO2JET, and Sodastream USA are owned and trademarked by their respective owners.  CO2Doctor.com is NOT affiliated with Soda-Club or Sodastream USA, nor do we endorse or claim ownership nor rights to any of those Trademarks or product names and they are solely used on our Website to identify their respective marketed products which are marketed by their respective sales organizations.

CO2Doctor.com, nor its owner(s), operators, or affiliates endorse any products nor claim any suitability for use other than as specifically stated in our online product information. All use of our products are solely at the Owner(s) / Buyer(s) risk and they bear the sole responsibility for adhering to their proper use and observation of safety precautions. No other warranties are expressed or implied and none are given or to be assumed. Any use or licensing violations rest solely with the product user and not the website, CO2Doctor.com, or its Owner(s) / Operator(s).

By Ordering and Using any products or services from CO2Doctor.com, you hereby attest that you legally OWN the ALCO2JET CO2 CO2 Tank to be refilled as well as any Valves or associated hardware for said Tank that is claimed to be "Under License" by Sodastream USA or its enterprises.  By reading these terms and purchasing any of our products you hereby agree to hold CO2Doctor.com, its Owner(s) / Operator(s), and affiliates fully harmless and agree to indemnify the same for any and all losses as a result of legal action brought on by the improper or illegal use of our product(s).  CO2Doctor, LLC reserves the right to refuse any sale or service to anyone for any reason.  Please read and agree to our terms and conditions prior to the purchase or use of our products.   Thank You.

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