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Glossary of Terms

ALCO2JET 110L or 130L- Sodastream ALCO2JET Carbonator with 110/130 Liter (33oz) CO2 capacity.

ALCO2JET 60L - Sodastream ALCO2JET Carbonator with 60 Liter (14.5oz) CO2 capacity.

ALCO2JET Valve or Carbonator Valve - Valve normally found on Sodastream Carbonator Cylinders.  From the manufacturer, these valves have an Anti-Refill Booby-Trap to keep you from refilling your Carbonator Tanks.  We offer our FreedomValve™ product which completely replaces the booby-trapped valve with one of our own 100% Sodastream compatible design.  If your factory valve is very sensitive and keeps you from refilling, you may need to opt for our FreedomValve™.  This is our very own Valve that we designed WITHOUT Sodastream's anti-refill trap.  It will allow for faster, fuller, and uncomplicated refills of your Carbonator Tanks.

Bottle - Interchangeable term for Cylinder or Tank, as in CO2 Cylinder or CO2 Tank.

CGA-320 Valve - The type of Outlet Valve and Tank Connection commonly found on most US CO2 Tanks.

Cylinder - Interchangeable term for Tank or Bottle, as in CO2 Cylinder or CO2 Tank.

Donor Tank / Cylinder - CO2 Tank used as the FILL SOURCE (Fill From) when re-filling.  Typically a "Siphon" type Tank.

Non-Siphon type CO2 Tank - This type of tank is the most commonly used tank in Kegerator Beer Systems and most beverage dispensing applications.  It dispenses GAS CO2, NOT Liquid CO2.  These tanks are NOT suitable for refilling other tanks since it dispenses gas only.  Also known as "Beverage" or "Kegerator" CO2 Tanks.

Regulator - Regulators typically have large gauges on them and are used for regulating pressures.  These are commonly used on Beer Brewing or Dispensing setups.  NONE of our products need the use or purchase of a Regulator and NONE can or should be used.

Siphon type CO2 Tank - This type of tank looks just like any other except that it has an internal suction tube or "dip-tube" which runs from the CGA-320 Valve (internally) to the bottom of the Tank so it dispenses LIQUID CO2 from the bottom of the tank as opposed to GAS CO2.  Liquid CO2 is what you use to fill Sodastream Carbonators and Paintball Tanks.

Tank - Interchangeable term for Cylinder or Bottle, as in CO2 Cylinder or CO2 Tank.

WGA-ASA - Common Valve Thread Design found on all CO2 Paintball Tanks.

Please contact us if we need to elaborate on any of these terms.  Again, thank you for considering our products.


Disclaimers - Terms and Conditions for Sale and Product Use

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By Ordering and Using any products or services from CO2Doctor.com, you hereby attest that you legally OWN the ALCO2JET CO2 CO2 Tank to be refilled as well as any Valves or associated hardware for said Tank that is claimed to be "Under License" by Sodastream USA or its enterprises.  By reading these terms and purchasing any of our products you hereby agree to hold CO2Doctor.com, its Owner(s) / Operator(s), and affiliates fully harmless and agree to indemnify the same for any and all losses as a result of legal action brought on by the improper or illegal use of our product(s).  CO2Doctor, LLC reserves the right to refuse any sale or service to anyone for any reason.  Please read and agree to our terms and conditions prior to the purchase or use of our products.   Thank You.

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