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Beverage Grade CO2 Paintball Tanks

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CO2Doctor's Paintball Tanks are far superior to standard commercial Paintball Tanks for several reasons.  Health is the biggest and most important.

Unlike the commerically available 12oz annd 24oz Paintball Tanks used in the shootem-up sport of the game, our tanks are manufactured to much more stringent quality standards, particularly Cleanliness and a Zero Tolerance for lubricant or solvent residue.  Our tanks are made to the same exacting standards as those manufactured for the beverage and medical industry.

To you, the consumer, a CO2Doctor brand Paintball Tank means that your body will not be ingesting lubricant or solvent residue left behind in the manufacturing process.  While the process of Impact Extrusion is still a dirty one, our tanks go through a multi-step process of cleaning that ensures all traces of the manufacturing adjuncts are removed and that the interior surface of the tank is nothing but pristinely clean Aluminum.

Cleaning the tanks after manufacturing is a multi-step factory process...

Cleaning Tank #1 - Pallet of tanks are submerged into a Phosphoric Acid solution for five minutes.  Pallet is lifted, allowed to drain inverted,   then transferred to Cleaning Tank #2.  This initial cleaning process acts as a degreaser and removes any lubrication residue left from the impact extrusion process.

Cleaning Tank #2 - Pallet of tanks is submerged into clean water for a one minute agitated rinse.  Pallet is lifted, and allowed to drain inverted, then transferred to Cleaning Tank #3.  This second step removes all Phosphoric Acid and lubricant residue from all tank surfaces.

Cleaning Tank #3 - Pallet of tanks is submerged into Liqui Brite for five minutes.  Liqui Brite is an acid and acts as a de-smutting agent which removes surface imperfections, scaling, or other residual contaminants including metal particles.   Additionally, Liqui Brite prepares the metal surfaces for etching that allows the exterior paint to adhere properly and further cleans the tank’s interior to a mirror-like finish.  Pallet is inverted and allowed to drain, then transferred over to Cleaning Tank #4.

Cleaning Tank #4 - Pallet of tanks is submerged into a final water rinse for one minute under agitation, then removed, inverted and allowed to drain, and re-submerged into tank for one additional minute under agitation.  Pallet is lifted, inverted, and allowed to drain, then transferred over to the unloading station where it is transferred to the final painting and assembly area for installation of the pin-valve and pressure testing.

When choosing one of our product options that converts your soda machine to using standard Paintball Tanks, please take a moment to consider the major quality and cleanliness steps we go through to ensure that your soda water is a pure as you intended it to be.  It's about Health and Family!

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