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CO2Dapter-II Seal Repair

Eventually, all seals will wear out or fail, especially those used in the freezing environments of the CO2Dapter-II™.  Using this procedure to remove and replace the THICK SEALING WASHER on the CO2Dapter-II™ will guarantee a long and useful product life.

MAINTENANCE NOTE: CO2 is very harsh on all seals and o-rings.   Please maintain these by applying a thin film of oil on all seal and o-ring surfaces.  You can use regular cooking oil or the we offer on our Ordering Page.  O-Ring or Seal wear and tear or drying is NOT covered as a warranty item since they are considered normal wear items.

For this you will need the following:

CO2Dapter-II THICK Seal from our Parts Ordering Page
Medium Flat Blade Screwdriver (DO NOT use anything sharp that will damage seal)
Needle-Nose Pliers
Bowl with hot soapy water
Small brush or old toothbrush
Cooking Oil or other Food Grade Lubricant (sold on our Ordering Page)
Safety Glasses


Make sure that there is NO Gas in the line of the CO2Dapter-II!


Using small Needle-Nose pliers, grip the old seal firmly and remove from inside the CO2Dapter-II™.   Do not worry if it is destroyed, it's worn out anyway.

Using the small brush, scrub the inside of the adapter with the hot soapy water, rinse, and blow dry with air.  Be sure to remove any residue or debris particles before reinstallation.


NOTE: Due to variances in the rubber seal, you may need to slightly sand down the outer diameter of the seal to ensure a good fit.  Use a Medium Grit Sandpaper to sand down the diameter as needed.  DO NOT sand away too much rubber or the fit will be too loose.

Lubricate new seal with a small film of cooking oil or other FOOD GRADE lubricant on both sides to make the insertion easier.   WARNING: DO NOT use Motor Oil or other Household Oil!   Whatever you use, it  MUST be NON-TOXIC!  We sell NON-TOXIC Lubricant on our Ordering Page.

Hold seal in fingers so it forms a "U":

003.JPG (227604 bytes) 004.JPG (127108 bytes) penoiler2.jpg (2654 bytes)

Place the seal inside the CO2Dapter-II™:

001.JPG (78988 bytes)

Gently nudge seal into groove at the bottom of the CO2Dapter-II™ until it is fully seated and there are no wrinkles or lifted edges.  NOTE: Use the flat blade screwdriver to work it in, being extremely careful to not gouge or scar the seal in any way.  It takes some practice but it is very easy once you get used to it.

Once seal is installed, you may continue to use the CO2Dapter-II™ as before.


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