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CO2Doctor Brand CO2 Paintball Tanks

1Tank.JPG (18654 bytes) CO2Doctor™ Brand "Beverage Grade" CO2 Paintball Tanks

Made to the same exacting cleanliness and manufacturing standards as Beverage and Medical Grade CO2 Tanks.  No contaminants, no foul tastes, just clean CO2 stored in a clean toxin-free tank at no additional cost over standard Paintball Tanks.

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Allows you to use standard Paintball Tanks internally with your Sodastream Soda Machines!

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We have CO2 Systems for the Cuisinart Sparkling Soda Maker

Stop wasting money on those tiny 4 ounce Cuisinart CO2 refills and save money with our FreedomOne+CU external CO2 Tank Systems for the Cuisinart brand Soda Machines.  Pays for itself in a very short time!

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We Manufacture Cost Saving alternatives to the Sodastream CO2 Factory Refills

Our Products work flawlessly with all Soda-Club and Sodastream Soda Machines made for the North American, Australian, and European markets like the:

Fizz - Crystal - Genesis - Penguin - Pure - FountainJet - Dynamo - Edition1 - Source - Revolution

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Our Products may also work with other brands of Soda Machines like Wassermaxx and other European models, please contact us for more details!

Don't waste money on ALCO2JET Carbonator Refills or the high shipping costs of mailing out your Sodastream CO2 Carbonator Tanks back and forth!  You bought the Eco-Friendly Soda Machine...  Now let  us show you a better and less expensive way to refill those ALCO2JET 110L, 130L and 60L Soda-Club / Sodastream Tanks and save you money!  THOUSANDS sold worldwide to cost conscious customers just like You!

Customers have written us and commented:

"Perfect solution to Sodastream's monopoly! Thanks for doing this"
"Your FillStationPro-II design is a work of art!"
"I received my order today, hooked it all up and refilled!  I am so pleased!"
"Fast Shipping! Perfect fit!  I have already saved money!"
"Only one word comes to mind... Awesome!"
"Item Worked as Advertised on first try!"
"It's about time someone busted up Soda-Club's monopoly!"
"Machined from solid brass... High Quality"

Read more Customer Testimonials in our User Support Forum by Clicking Here

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Disclaimers - Terms and Conditions for Sale and Product Use

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By Ordering and Using any products or services from CO2Doctor.com, you hereby attest that you legally OWN the ALCO2JET CO2 CO2 Tank to be refilled as well as any Valves or associated hardware for said Tank that is claimed to be "Under License" by Sodastream USA or its enterprises.  By reading these terms and purchasing any of our products you hereby agree to hold CO2Doctor.com, its Owner(s) / Operator(s), and affiliates fully harmless and agree to indemnify the same for any and all losses as a result of legal action brought on by the improper or illegal use of our product(s).  CO2Doctor, LLC reserves the right to refuse any sale or service to anyone for any reason.  Please read and agree to our terms and conditions prior to the purchase or use of our products.   Thank You.

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